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Super guests. Super Service.

End of winter season

Thanks to our loyal guests

A unique winter season 2020/21 ended on May 2nd, 2021. Endless skiing pleasure thanks to (almost) empty slopes & perfect slope conditions, no waiting times at the cable cars, no crowds in the gondolas and with friendly stuff.

THANK YOU to all loyal guests and regular customers of the SuperSkiCard for the trust you have shown!

THANK YOU to all partner regions of the SuperSkiCard who made this skiing winter possible despite the challenging and uncertain general conditions.

We look forward to seeing you next winter!


For season tickets and 10-days flexible tickets

Safe is safe - 0% risk. For SuperSkiCard season tickets for winter 2020/21, purchased in pre-sale period by 31.12.2020, a refund can be requested if used for less than 15 days of skiing. No refund from the 15th day of skiing.

The amount of the reimbursement is based on an amortization calculation. If the season ticket has been used on 15 or more days of skiing, it is considered to have been used or amortized. For less than 15 days of skiing, € 50,- (adults) will be deducted from the purchase price for each day of skiing, the difference will be refunded.

  • Adults deduction of € 50,- for every day of skiing used
  • U25 deduction of € 43,- for every day of skiing used
  • Youth deduction of € 37,- for every day of skiing used
  • Children deduction of € 25,- for every day of skiing used

Sample calculation: Season ticket bonus adult purchase price € 729, - Ski days: 6
6 x 50 = 300 >> purchase price 729 - 300 = € 429, - refund

This is how it works:
You can apply for a refund for the season ticket using the online form below. Choose the skiing area and fill in the form.
It is not necessary to send the KeyCard to claim the refund. It is sufficient to specify the compatible skipass number, which you can find on the KeyCard. If you have recharged the ticket online, you will find the number in the order confirmation.

Our tip: Recharge your current KeyCard contactless in the Online ticket-shop in winter 2021/22.

10-days flexible ticket
0% risk also applies to the 10-days flexible ticket. If you bought your ticket in the pre-sale period up to and including 31.12.2020, unused days of skiing are refunded. Holders of flexible tickets can request the refund here.
If you don't have the opportunity to request the reimbursement online, you can do this at any cash desk in the ski area of ​​your choice at the start of the winter season 2021/22.