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How to Video - SuperSkiCard Online Shop

SuperSkiCard How To Buy Online Video

Erklärvideo für den SuperSkiCard Ticket-Online Shop.

From when until when is the SuperSkiCard valid?

You cannot use the SuperSkiCard Premium or the SuperSkiCard 10-day flexible ticket before October 14, 2023 or after May 1, 2024.

Are there transferrable cards with the SuperSkiCard, for example for young families?

No, the SuperSkiCard is not transferable (even within a family). Any misuse and use by third parties will result in the withdrawal of the card without replacement. We reserve the right to levy an abuse fee and to file a criminal complaint.

Does the SuperSkiCard have a card for small children?

No not all SuperSkiCard partner ski areas offer free small children's tickets in their own area, which is why no small children's tickets can be issued in the SuperSkiCard area. Tip: Please inquire in the ski areas whether a ski pass can be bought for small children or whether a free small children's ticket is issued or required there directly.

I have forgotten/lost my SuperSkiCard. What to do?

Basically, there is no replacement for forgotten or lost SuperSkiCards. However, SuperSkiCard premium card holders or optional subscription holders can apply for a new ticket at a cash desk in the ski area in return for a handling fee and a deposit for the new KeyCard (presentation of blocking document/StarJack order confirmation and ID required).

Are there any discounts with the SuperSkiCard?

There are discounts for children and young people in the ski pass, SuperSkiCard premium and flexible tickets areas. There is also a discount for people under the age of 25 during the pre-sale period for premium tickets.

I won't be able to ski for the rest of the season due to illness/injury. What to do?

Please contact the company from which you purchased the card immediately after the illness or injury. Any goodwill reimbursement will be checked, although there is no legal entitlement to it. Submission of a medical certificate required.

Are SuperSkiCards refunded if the ski areas are closed due to Covid19 or energy control measures?

If the participating cable car and lift companies with all lifts and cable car systems are prevented from providing services in all regions in which the SuperSkiCard is valid due to an epidemic or pandemic or other official regulations (e.g. energy control measures), this will result in a complete closure of the business of the affected cable car and lift companies within a period of at least 4 weeks from the date of purchase of the SuperSkiCard, the costs paid by the customer for the SuperSkiCard for the period of the complete closure of the business will be reimbursed based on an amortization calculation.

Can I also use the SuperSkiCard at cable cars without ski operation to go hiking in fall?

Yes, that is possible. Autumn time = hiking time. Enjoy beautiful autumn days in all SuperSkiCard areas that offer summer operation until late in the autumn. Biketransport / Biking trails are not included.

Can you send my ordered ticket to a cash desk in one of the participating ski areas?

No, it is not possible to send your ordered ticket to a cash desk in one of the participating ski areas.

How long does it take to receive my ordered ticket?

When ordering online, the SuperSkiCard will be sent within two working days. As a rule, delivery takes at least three working days after ordering.

Tip: To avoid the waiting time, you can recharge your existing keycard and enter your desired ski area immediately after activation.

Can I travel to the ski area by public transport for free?

Yes, some ski areas/regions offer free public transportation to and from the respective ski area in cooperation with the Salzburg Transport Association, provided you have a valid ski pass:

For more information, please click here (only available in German).