Datum/Zeitraum Aktion Berechtigung Vorteil
14.03. 2020 - 13.04.2020 Active Family Children aged 15 years (born in 2004 or younger) are free 1 parent or 1 grandparent buys a full-fare ski ticket and receives a children's ski pass for free for the same duration (vaild from a 5-day ski pass). Last possibility of the ski pass exhibition on 09.04.2020
Winter 2019/2020 Mini Card Children aged to 6 years (born 2014 or younger) Small kids ride on all facilities - including practise lifts and conveyor belt - for free
valid thru 04.12.2019 Seeasoncard U25 Born 1994 to 2000 Adults up to the age of 25 receive the season ticket Dchstein West at a special rate

to 20.11.2019

Seasoncard "Preiszuckerl" Dachstein West every age group Preiszuckerl until 20.11.2019 at the local season ticket pre-sale: Adults EUR 347,-;
U25 EUR 287,-; Youth EUR 192,-, ChildEUR 116,-
Winter 2019/2020 Senior price Seniors born 1960 and earlier Special rates for 1-day and multi-day tickets
Winter 2019/2020 Student price Student vorn 1996 and younger Special rates for 1-day and mulit-day tickets
Winter 2019/2020 Free training ground  Free children's countries At each entry point in Dachstein West (Gosau-Russbach-Annaber) are children's countries which can be used free of charge.