Datum/Zeitraum Aktion Berechtigung Vorteil
hole season Skimovie Reiteralm everyone Skimovie Reiteralm is a permanent parallel racetrack in the center of Reiteralm, near the topstation Silver Jet. During the race you will be filmed and the video is available on Skiline, so you can share it with friends. You can use the track daily and for free.
hole season Prinoth Crosspark Reiteralm everyone The Prinoth Crosspark Reiteralm is near the topstation Preunegg Jet. Fun and action are guaranteed on the 750-m track because of jumps, waves and scooters. Your jump through the hut will be photographed, so you can share your picture via Skiline with friends.
hole season Breakfast on the mountain everyone The ski huts offer culinary delight - a breakfast on the mountain. Three different types of breakfast are available - a tasty Weisswurst-breakfast, a crunchy Alps-breakfast or a fast Shorty-breakfast