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Provisions and safety information

Questions & Answers

Current information about the Corona regulations for the winter season 2020/2021

Many people are asking about the current situation: Corona and skiing – is this even possible for the winter season 2020/21? We think: YES. Since winter sport is practised in the fresh air, ski fun is for the most part unlimited – paying heed of course to hygiene and safety provisions in the respective ski areas – and currently there is nothing preventing this from going ahead. And is it possible to maintain distance from others? Plenty of distancing is possible on the extensive piste areas. And where possible, travel up the mountain via the cable cars and chair lifts can be done with friends and family.

Covid-19 Payback guarantee

For purchases made up to and including 31.12. you have the option of requesting a refund at the end of the season if the usage is low.

You can apply for the reimbursement of season tickets from 3.5.2021.

Season tickets
For every day of skiing used, € 50.- (adults) will be deducted from the purchase price and the difference will be refunded. From the 15th Day of skiing no reimbursements will be made.

  • Adults deduction of € 50,- for every day of skiing used
  • U25 deduction of € 43,- for every day of skiing used
  • Youth deduction of € 37,- for every day of skiing used
  • Children deduction of € 25,- for every day of skiing used

10-days-flexible pass
Any days of skiing not used will be extended to the following season.

Ski passes
Usage-related reimbursement of skiing days not used, from the last day of use.

Our answers to the most important questions concerning Covid-19


What safety and hygiene measures are in place in the ski areas?

All the ski areas have the best conditions in place for safe behaviour when it comes to COVID-19 and for maintaining the requisite safety and hygiene measures. This includes, for example, organised queuing areas, hand disinfection options, information columns and signs about wearing mouth and nose coverings. Cable car cabins are also regularly ventilated and disinfected. Employees in the ski regions are trained in the relevant Corona safety measures and those who are in contact with customers are tested on a regular basis. Since there are different regulations in various (federal) states, please note the individual provisions of the respective ski areas.

What conditions and capacity restrictions apply in the cable cars?

Capacity restrictions for cable cars and lifts:

  • 50% in gondolas and on chairlifts with bubble
  • Exception: families from one household can use the full lift capacity together
  • Chairlifts without bubble and T-bar lifts may be used normally

Where do nose and mouth coverings have to be worn?

In the ski bus as well as the cash desk and cable car area, as well as in all conveyance methods, including cable cars, chair lifts etc., mouth and nose coverings must be worn until further notice.

FFP2 mask
For everyone from the age of 14. Children aged 6 to 13 must wear an mout nose protection. Also note the requirements of the individual cable car companies. You can buy an FFP2 mask at most cable car ticket offices.

FFP2 mask is required:

  • In queuing and access areas in closed rooms
  • In the cabins, gondolas & on chairlifts with bubbles. Regardless of whether the bubble is open or closed.

Mouth nose protection

  • In open and all spontaneously occurring queuing areas
  • For chairlifts without bubble, T-bar lifts, conveyor belts
  • In areas such as toilet facilities, ski depots, etc.

What conditions apply for gastronomy?

The restaurants and ski huts will remain closed until further notice. Take-away stations are currently not allowed on the mountains.

How do I conduct myself in an appropriate manner? How can I best protect myself and others?

  • Only head to the piste when you are in good health. If you have any signs of illness please stay home.
  • Use contactless payments or purchase the ski tickets you want in advance in our online ticket shop.
  • Refrain from handshakes and hugs.
  • Wear nose-mouth protection in designated areas.
  • Maintain sufficient distance from people you do not know where possible
  • Wash your hands with soap regularly and use disinfection dispensers provided.
  • Ensure there is plenty of ventilation in enclosed spaces and cabins
  • Pay heed to the notice boards and instructions from staff.
  • Pay heed to the general hygiene rules and also coughing ans sneezing etiquette.
  • Act in a responsible manner.

What happens in the case of limitation of the number of guests in a ski area?

Valid ski tickets have priority when using the cable cars and lifts. If there is a threat of overcrowding, ticket sales are stopped as a first step. In a further step, which is necessary for reasons of capacity, the transport of guests takes place according to the "first come, first served" principle.

Many thanks for your support. We look forward to enjoying the winter season 2020/21 together.

Information: This page is continuously updated to reflect current government measures and regulations.